With our 2-Years Warranty on our batteries we set a signal by exceeding most common warranties on the market. As a result of selection only the highest superior quality components together with the certified quality assurance throughout the complete production process we can ensure a high quality and hassle-free product assortment.


For all motorised garden equipment the MTD Products AG issues a 3-year-warranty, limited supplementary performance according to our warranty conditions.




The multi-star® tool system is “Made in Germany”. This provides you with a promise regarding superiorquality materials, excellent workmanship, innovative function and excellent design – features that are bundled in the one-of-a-kind WOLF-Garten quality guarantee. We not only vouch with our name, we also provide you with a 10-year warranty. This applies to all multi-star® tools, multi-star® minis, small tools, manual shears and multi-star® attachments for tree care without a ladder (excluding wearing parts).

* Manufacturer's warranty of the MTD Products AG, limited supplementary performance according to our warranty conditions, valid from 11/01/2014.

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