WOLF-Garden EXPERT snow throwers
The 3-step snow thrower by WOLF-Garten

Our inventiveness does not stop when it comes to snow throwers. The FORCE³ snow thrower means a true revolution in snow removal. Thanks to this patent pending innovation snow clearing has now become even more comfortable. The toothed auger in the center of the optimized housing breaks up even hard snow like a drill. The lateral X-shape auger segments push the snow toward the new central drill auger. This central auger accelerates the snow in direction to the vertical rotor which throws it out through the discharge chute. This revolutionary technology provides both a strong traction as well as an optimized control of the snow thrower. Height-adjustable skids, heatable handles as well as the rotatable steel discharge chute are further advantages of the pioneering 3-step snow thrower. With six forward and two reverse speeds, great emphasis was placed upon comfort. Superior performance is provided by the solid OHV winter engine, which are fully operational even in extremely harsh conditions. Thanks to the electric start the machine get started comfortably even after the coldest winter nights. Therefore snow clearing becomes a real pleasure.

How the 3-step snow thrower works

The first step

When developing the new 3-step system we have completely reviewed and optimized the system of the 2-step machines. Two x-shaped clearing augers are placed on the right and left side within the auger hausing. These augers are guiding the lateral snow to the center - to the second step.

The second step

The second step consists of two toothed augers, mounted centrally in drive direction which press the snow to the rear part of the auger housing. The snow thrower can even cope with very compact snow ice layers thanks to this sophisticated technology. The second step is located in the middle of the optimized auger housing.

The third step

The third step of a fast-rotating rotor which thows the snow far out in a high arch

25% more throughput and 30% less working time compared to regular snow throwers


5 reasons for our EXPERT winter tools

Intuitive handling and highest comfort

With our EXPERT winter range we respond exactly to the requirements of our customers. Our focus hereby is on a simple and precise handling. All snow throwers are designed to be operated even with thick winter gloves (mittens).

Material of highest quality

The EXPERT machines are the result of our long-time experience and high competence in engineering and production. The materials used are state of the art and therefore fulfill the various requirements.

Full speed ahead with our powerful winter engines

Specially developed for the use in very low temperatures, the low-emission winter engines are highly resilient. After a smooth start – even in deep sub-zero temperatures – the engines demonstrate a great endurance thanks to their low fuel consumption and large fuel tank..

Tests in harsh winter conditions

In order to cope with the various winter challenges and offer the greatest possible safety, all our machines have to undergo extensive long-term hardness tests - in harsh weather conditions and on rough ground.


For all motorized garden equipment the MTD Products AG issues a 3-year-warranty.

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