Perfect cut. Perfect timing.

Sit back and relax – mowing has never been so easy

The WOLF-Garten robotic lawn mowers are remarkable allrounders, capable of handling even spacious terrain all by themselves.

Mowing, mulching, trimming

All in a days work. Once the basic data such as lawn size and contour cutting has been stored, the battery-powered ROBO SCOOTER® are ready to mow, no further control needed. As power levels decrease and the battery needs to be recharged, the ROBO SCOOTER® independently pilots back to the charging unit. Fully charged, the ROBO SCOOTER® continue mowing immediately, the trimming of the edges included.

Lawn care – the reliable and safe way.

The perimeter wire is easily laid out, serving as an invisible barrier which keeps the ROBO SCOOTER® from leaving the designated mowing areas. When it bumps into something, it promptly change directions and continue mowing. Inclines and sloping terrain? Not a problem. In addition, all models are equipped with numerous sensors, which immediately stop the blade/-s, when the ROBO SCOOTER® is either lifted, tilted, if it bumps into rigid obstacles or in the event of a downpour. An integrated alarm system also keeps thieves away.


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