Cordless LI-ION POWER: Garden tools
with battery-power technology

Battery-operated technology is replacing conventional power network technology in many areas of our daily life. The new batteries last much longer than those of the early days, particularly since lithium-ion technology has evolved. We now offer you this powerful and long-lasting technology to make your lawn and garden maintenance even easier.

Cordless, hands-on garden work
The modern lithium-ion cells of the WOLF-Garten LI-ION power tools and the exchangeable battery concept allow cordless and tangle-free operations with super-light electrical motors. You are no longer dependent on a cable and you will never have to refill a fuel tank again. Both hands are free to work and you have full freedom of movement within your working area.

A system of growing opportunities
You can extend the operating times of your tools with corresponding rechargeable batteries so that you never run out of battery power and your tools are always ready to use. The top-notch state-of-the-art WOLF-Garten battery system gives your LI-ION power tools practically unlimited operating time.

The advantages of the system:

  • The battery packs are easy and quick to change.
  • One battery pack can be used with several different tools.

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