The WOLF-Garten Snow throwers

A strong helping hand is needed when the driveway, yard and footpath have to be cleared of snow. Another WOLF-Garten innovation is our range of snow throwers with special winter tyres for maximum grip.

Available categories: SELECT, AMBITION and EXPERT.

The right snow thrower for every user:


1-step snow thrower with an ejection width of up to 8 m
Snow thrower with 53 cm clearing width
Ideal for gateways and sidewalks and little to medium snow fall


2-step snow thrower with an ejection width up to 15 m
Snow thrower with 61-84 cm clearing width
For medium to heavy snow fall and greater areas


3-step snow thrower with an ejection width of up to 18 m
Snow thrower with 66-76 cm clearing width
For heavy snow fall, heavy and harsh snow and greater areas

How the 3-step snow thrower works

The first step

When developing the new 3-step system we have completely reviewed and optimized the system of the 2-step machines. Two x-shaped clearing augers are placed on the right and left side within the auger hausing. These augers are guiding the lateral snow to the center - to the second step.

The second step

The second step consists of two toothed augers, mounted centrally in drive direction which press the snow to the rear part of the auger housing. The snow thrower can even cope with very compact snow ice layers thanks to this sophisticated technology. The second step is located in the middle of the optimized auger housing.

The third step

The third step of a fast-rotating rotor which thows the snow far out in a high arch

25% more throughput and 30% less working time compared to regular snow throwers


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