Blade or roller shredder?

Find out which technique suits your needs best.
Every year in spring and autumn the same question arises: What to do with the tree and hedge cuttings? Garden shredders transform even bulky cut-offs into useful wood chips. Before the shredded materials can be spread as mulch or compost, the cuttings are finely cut, chopped and broken up.

Blade shredder: very small chips, ideal for compost.
Blade shredders work according to the planer principle. Blades located on a rotating disk cut the material supplied into thin discs. This generates chips that provide micro-organisms compost with an optimal target for the decomposing process.

Roller shredder: maximum performance at minimum noise.
The roller shredders by WOLF-Garten are called quiet shredders for a good reason. They crush the raw materials with slowly turning cutting rollers. The noise level of a roller shredder is therefore significantly lower than that of a blade shredder. In addition, the chips created are split under pressure. This increases the surface of the shredded material and ideally promotes the decomposing process.

Collection container included.
All models are equipped with a fitted container for an optimal collection of the shredded materials.


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