Petrol mowers

Petrol lawnmowers are suitable for lawn areas covering more than 250 m². Seemingly effortless, these fine machines easily get the job done. Their strong engines provide the raw power to cut semi-high grass in no time. Mowing is even more fun when the lawnmower has propelled wheels. S-Series, A-Series , BP-Series or EXPERT the WOLF-Garten range provides the right model for everyone.

Advanced Cut and Collect System

All A-SERIES and EXPERT POWER³ petrol lawnmowers are equipped with the new Advanced Cut and Collect System which creates a suction air flow resulting in:

1) The grass blades being raised (blue arrows), creating beautiful even cutting patterns.

2) An optimised clippings transport to and filling of the collector bag (green arrows).



More benefits of the ACC system:

With the ACC system better cutting and bagging results can be achieved. It prevents clogging and provides an optimal filling degree of the collector bag. Less emptying of the collector bag is therefore necessary.


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