Undisputed and dearly loved:
The versatile multi-star® range

People who have worked with the WOLF-Garten multi-star® tool system by WOLF-Garten, no longer want to miss these useful little helpers. In this range, the components are simply connected with a single “click”: 3 short, 9 long and 2 extendable vario-handles made of ultra-light weight aluminium, high-quality wood or durable plastic, can be combined with more than 80 different attachments.

There is hardly any maintenance work in the house, home and garden area that is not catered for: from garden tools for soil processing and garden care, to cleaning attachments for sweeping, scrubbing, stripping, pond care, snow removal and handy storage systems. multi-star® has answer to your problems. Have a look for yourself!

Quality made in Germany

The multi-star® tool system is “Made in Germany”. This provides you with a promise regarding superiorquality materials, excellent workmanship, innovative function and excellent design – features that are bundled in the one-of-a-kind WOLF-Garten quality guarantee. We not only vouch with our name, we also provide you with a 10-year warranty. This applies to all multi-star® tools, multi-star® minis, small tools, manual shears and multi-star® attachments for tree care without a ladder (excluding wearing parts).

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