It could not be any easier: Sowing and
fertilising with universal spreaders

The dream of any lawn lover – a rich and even green. Our recommendation: With two spreaders, one battery-driven hand spreader and one rotary spreader you can achieve perfection in sowing and fertilising. Each spreader has its own advantages: the rotary spreader has a large spreading width and a bigger intake. Therefore it is ideal for larger areas. The battery-driven hand spreader can be adjusted between 0.5 and 2.5 m spreading width. Hence, it is a very useful gadget when smaller grass areas have to be repaired. Both walk-behind spreaders are pleasantly light and flexible – with a spreading width of 41 or 43 cm and a container size of 15 or 20 litres. These universally applicable devices are multi-talented: they can even be used for spreading salt, sand or other deicing materials during winter, making everyday life safer by keeping sidewalks and driveways free of ice and snow.

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