Lawn regeneration without digging up in just 6 weeks

The special 2-in-1 regeneration system by WOLF-Garten consists of high-quality seed mixtures plus
build-up fertiliser and transforms your “problem lawn” into a dream lawn in just 6 weeks.

  1. Start by cutting the grass very short, i.e. down to the sward.
  2. Prepare an optimal seed bed by thoroughly scarifying, ideally several times and crosswise, to remove grass matting and bad grasses. Remove the scarifying remains from the area.
  3. Apply our special seeds for lawn regeneration and the associated build-up fertiliser and cover the sown area with a thin layer of peat.
  4. Continue with the next steps as previously described for the laying of a new lawn. We provide you with a germination guarantee and confidently predict a dense, lush and shade-resistant green lawn!

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