Laying a new lawn and lawn regeneration –
the professional way to do it:

How to lay a new lawn in five steps. The best period for laying a new lawn is autumn or spring.

  1. Loosen the ground well – traditionally by hand, using a garden spade, a digging fork or a tiller. Then let it rest for 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. Prepare the soil for sowing with the handy multi-star® extensions for soil loosening and aerating or use one of our tillers or cultivators.
  3. You can sow when the soil temperature is +10°C or warmer. Use our high-quality lawn mixture, which is much finer and therefore much more economical per square meter of soil. Rake in the seeds, do not press them in with a roller! Now fertilise with lawn starter fertiliser byWOLF-Garten. It has a special nutrient combination that strengthens and promotes the root growth of the young grass. The handy sowing devices by WOLF-Garten facilitate perfect sowing and fertilising.
  4. During the first three weeks after sowing the germination process should not be interrupted by dry periods. Therefore the lawn needs to be watered 4-5 times daily for approx. 5-10 minutes without creating sludge – something best done with our handy hose carts.
  5. The lawn is ready for its first mowing once the blades of grass have reached a height of 8-10 cm. Shorten it by hand or use one of our motorised gadgets to cut the grass to a lenght of approx. 5 cm. We recommend a height of 4 to 4.5 cm for all further mowing.

Lay a new lawn: This is how it's done!

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