WOLF-Garten Premium Long-Term Fertiliser – Professional Quality for Thick, Healthy Lawns

With the “Premium” Long-Term Lawn Fertiliser for 120 days, WOLF-Garten offers top-class and extremely effective modern lawn care. Thanks to its innovative pore technology, an immediate, controlled priming effect without any surge growth is possible with an even more consistent effect of the fertiliser.

The thick, healthy, vital and hard-wearing grass will be rich and green after the very first fertilisation of the year. Gardeners can
look forward to up to 120 days of positive effect. This is how long the “Premium” Long-Term Lawn Fertiliser (LE) lasts, making it
enormously efficient. It supplies the lawn professionally and extensively with all important nutrients. The healthy, thick and vibrant
growth of grass is promoted, strengthening its resistance to moss and weeds.

The grass is always ideally supplied with the relevant nutrients as per the growth factors – on a demand basis and over a long
period of time. The intelligent WOLF-Garten coating technology directs the output of the nutrients. The growth-promoting nutrients have a special pore shell, meaning they are released on a demand basis depending on the natural growth conditions (temperature, moisture content, micro-organisms, etc.).

The pores react exactly to the weather conditions: In high temperatures, strong growth and a major need for nutrients, the pores open up so that lots of nutrients can be released. If the temperatures drop, then the pores close up accordingly. This is modern and particularly efficient lawn care, which has already proven itself with professional fertilisation on golf courses and sports fields.
The “Premium” Long-Term Fertiliser is available in different packaging sizes:

LE 50 is enough for 50 square metres. The folding box costs 13.99 Euro. LE 100 for 100 square metres, also in a folding box for 19.99 Euro. LE 300 for 300 square metres is supplied in a bucket for 39.99 Euro. And the foil bag for 450 square metres (LE 450) is new at a price of 49.99 Euro.

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