WOLF-Garten Lawn Fertiliser plus Iron - Strengthens your Lawn instead of Moss

Particularly during the winter, your lawn needs support against the spreading moss. With its Lawn Fertiliser plus iron, WOLF-Garten has the ideal product for fertilising your lawn for the first time in the spring. Its fast action promotes healthy, thick and vibrant growth of grass, strengthening its resistance to moss.

Who doesn’t look forward to a vibrant, healthy lawn in the springtime? That’s what the new Lawn Fertiliser plus iron is for: It rapidly provides you with a rich green, vibrant lawn as it strengthens the grass, weakening the moss. Because the nutrients are immediately available, you will quickly see success with a healthy, vibrant and thick lawn and very little effort.

The best time to use WOLF-Garten Lawn Fertiliser plus iron is in the early spring when growth is just beginning.

However, the L-PM should be applied at least two weeks before the first scarifying. The immediately available nutrients in the Lawn Fertiliser plus iron strengthen the grass, meaning it copes with the strain of scarifying better.

The special brand quality is now available at a promotional price: The new packaging size L-PM 100 in a folding box is enough for 100 square metres and costs 10.99 Euro, the L-PM 300 in a bucket costs 21.99 Euro.

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