Lawn Tractors for High Demands – The New Range impresses with Six Models

If your garden is actually a park, then you should choose a lawn tractor. WOLF-Garten has developed a series of ride-on mowers, to suit different requirements and budgets, and to satisfy high demands.

With the wide lawn in front of it, a red and yellow tractor rolls through the garden. The driver has adjusted the ergonomic seat and reclines comfortably on the high backrest. The floating mower does a good job, with rich, perfectly cut green emerging behind the tractor.

For the upcoming lawnmower season, WOLF-Garten has designed a new range with six lawn tractors. The powerful garden aids are designed to satisfy a variety of demands and cost between 1,699.00 and 3,299.00 Euro.

All six have the fivefold height adjuster from 3.0 to 9.5 cm. Some models have a soft grip steering wheel for reliable grip in any situation. And of course, they are all equipped with a step through platform and headlights. They are ready for immediate use after purchase.

The entry-level model is the S 96.130 T with side discharge. The single-cylinder 344 cm³ B&S engine provides a 6.3 kW output with 2,800 revolutions per minute, which are transmitted by the Transmatic drive.

This and the cutting width of 96 centimetres make it the ideal lawn tractor for lawns up to a size of 2.000 m². The 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels allow it to roll gently over the grass. With a length of 170 and a width of 107 cm, it weighs 150 kilograms. The S 96.130 T costs 1,699.00 Euro.

The A 96.165 H with side discharge is the second on the price list. Its 500 cm³ B&S engine give out a powerful 9.5 kW with 2,800 revolutions a minute. The Hydrostat drive is responsible for the power transmission. The 96 cm cutting width is good for 2,000 square metres of maintained lawn.

The dimensions and weight are the same as the S 96.130 T. but it also includes the adjustable ergonomic seat with high backrest and soft grip steering wheel for reliable hold in any situation. The A 96.165 H costs 2,199.00 Euro.

Its big brother is the A 107.180 H with side discharge, which is suitable for lawns of up to 3,000 square metres with its cutting width of 107 cm. The B&S engine has two cylinders and 656 cm³, which provides a good 12.2 kW with 2,800 revolutions per minute. Because of the large cutting deck, the vehicle is 115 cm wide, weighing 175 kilograms and costing 2,699.00 Euro.

The S 92.130 T with rear discharge was designed for somewhat narrower paths. But the 92 cm cutting width is still good for 2,000 square metres of lawn. The Transmatic drive ensures that the 6.3 kW output from the single-cylinder B&S engine with 344 cm³ reaches where it is needed.

15-inch front and 18-inch back wheels ensure it rolls gently. The 240 litre grass catcher bag is generously sized. The 195 kilogram lawn tractor is 225 cm long, 99 cm wide and 103 cm high – costing 2,399.00 Euro.

The A 92.165 H, also with rear discharge, is equipped with a higher-capacity B&S engine. It provides an output of 9.5 kW from a size of 500 cm³. The other dimensions, weight and cutting width are the same as the S 92.130 T. The adjustable ergonomic seat with high backrest and soft grip steering wheel offer a little more luxury. The A 92.165 H costs 2,799.00 Euro.

The top model is the A 105.180 H with rear discharge, which is the same as the A 92.165 H in many parts, but also has some exclusive details. The B&S engine provides its power from 656 cm³, which is distributed over two cylinders. Powerful 10.8 kW are available. With 105 cm cutting width, the A 105.180 H is the best choice for lawns with a size of up to 3,000 square metres. At 110 cm, it is a touch wider than its somewhat smaller brother, and three kilograms heavier as well. The top lawn tractor is sold at 3,299.00 Euro.

There is an extensive range of accessories available for the new series. For all S-range and A-range mowers with rear discharge, there is a deflector available for mowing without the grass catcher bag (143.99 Euro). A 200 litre grass catcher bag is also available for the side dischargers (399.99 Euro). The 59.99 Euro front bumper, which is available as standard on the A-range, is available for the entire range, together with a mulch kit. This costs 109.99 Euro for rear dischargers and is cheaper for side dischargers at 55.99 Euro. The single axle cart can carry up to 227 kilograms and can be purchased for 284.99 Euro.

There is also available a lawn groomer (334.99 Euro), an aerator (209.99 Euro), a trailer-mounted dethacher (143.99 Euro) and a sprayer with 95 litre volume (789.99 Euro) and much more, for example winter accessories.

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