WOLF-Garten Battery Power – Four Powerful Garden Helpers

The WOLF-Garten 36 V battery range offers four new powerful garden helpers, which enable easy and independent work. Lawn trimmer, leaf blower, hedge shears and chain saw are all impressive thanks to their high-performance lithium-ion power with long running times.

The innovative battery technology from WOLF-Garten makes working in the garden even easier and more comfortable. The lithium-ion 36 volt power is available with three or five ampere-hours (Ah). This enables long running times without any tangled cables. And fossil fuels are not used, which is a bonus for the environment.
The LI-ION POWER GTB 36 is the special lawn trimmer with a 30 centimetre cutting diameter. With the 3.0 Ah LI-ION Power, it has a battery life of 40 minutes, while this is extended to 70 minutes with the 5.0 Ah battery.
The telescopic shaft can be adjusted by 30 centimetres. This creates flexibility and also has ergonomic advantages, for example, for working under obstacles such as park benches.

The two five metre trimmer lines are 1.6 millimetre thick and the entire machine is easy to handle with a weight of 2.5 kilograms. But wheel support is also possible. Soft grips on both handles mean it is secure and comfortable to hold. The Trim & Edge function comes as standard. The working angle has four adjustments.

This lawn trimmer also has a plant protection frame and engine and coil protection. The power pack for clean cutting with probably the most versatile settings on the market costs 149.99 Euro, without battery and charger.

The LI-ION POWER LBB 36 leaf blower has a variable speed, from 150 to 260 kilometres per hour.
Depending on the setting, this means a battery life of 25 to 100 minutes with the 3.0 Ah battery and 40 to 170 minutes with the 5.0 Ah LI-ION POWER battery. The handle of the machine, which weighs 1.6 kilograms, has a soft grip for good hold. The LI-ION POWER LBB 36, on its own, is available for 99.99 Euro.

The garden lover is granted new freedom with the LI-ION POWER HSB 36 hedge shears. With a battery life of 70 (3.0 Ah) or 130 (5.0 Ah) minutes, you can enjoy a lot of cutting. The 54 centimetre cutting length also contributes to this. The teeth work at intervals of 20 millimetres. The professional handle is ergonomically formed and allows you to work comfortably in all situations and positions. Like with the large frame, the soft grip on all handles is the guarantee for a secure and comfortable grip. The hedge shears, which weigh three kilograms, cost 169.99 Euro, without battery and charger.

The LI-ION POWER CSB 36 chainsaw comes without cables and combustion engine, while still allowing the garden lovers all the freedom of movement they need. The blade is 30 centimetres long. The Li-Ion battery allows 100 cuts of ten x ten centimetre thick wood with the 3.0 Ah battery or 170 with the stronger 5.0 Ah version. The motor is brushless. With a mechanical brake and kick back lever, the saw is equipped in accordance with the highest safety standards. The handles, both on top and at the sides, are equipped with soft grip, making them comfortable and secure.

It is available for 279.99 Euro without battery and charger.

The LI-ION POWER PACK ABP 36-03 with a voltage of 36 volts and a capacity of 3.0 Ah together with status control light is available for 169.99 Euro, while the LI-ION POWER PACK ABP 36-05 costs 229.99 Euro. Both are suitable for the GTB 36, LBB 36, HSB 36 and CSB 36.

The LI-ION POWER CHARGER ABC 36-03 36 V quick charger for both power packs fully charges the 3 Ah battery in 70 minutes and the 5 Ah battery in 110 minutes with a charging current of 3 A. It costs 79.99 Euro.

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