The Newly Petrol Mower Range – Power Packs for Lots of Grass

If your lawn is a bit bigger than average, you need a petrol lawnmower. For the upcoming season, WOLF-Garten has designed a new range, real power packs with outstanding features.

This includes the convenient Vario wheel drive and the particularly large rear wheel, measuring 280 millimetres, which is equipped with ball bearings. Together with the 180 or 200 millimetre front wheels with metal sleeve bearings, the new mowers can be used flexible, even on difficult terrain.

All three models include a mulching kit. This means 4-in-1: Side and rear discharge, bagging and mulching. The central height adjustment ranges from 2.8 to 9.2 centimetres.

The compact chassis is made from steel, guaranteeing a long life. The deck wash nozzle is included as standard, together with the soft grip handle bar and quick release system. And, of course, all three come with a full bag indicator.

The A 460 A V HW is driven by a B&S engine from the 750 EX DOV series. Its 160 cubic centimetres provide a powerful 2.6 kW output with 2800 revolutions a minute. With its cutting width of 46 centimetres, it is ideal for lawns up to 1000 square metres.

This is why the 1.0 litre tank has a slightly larger size than normal. A good 60 litres of grass cuttings fit in the grass catcher bag.

The A 460 A V HW weighs 34 kilograms and costs 629.99 Euro.
The next model up is the A 530 A V HW. Its B&S engine with 2.6 kW output is the same as its little brother’s. But with its 53 centimetre cutting width, it is the right tool for lawns of up to 1000 square metres.
The grass catcher bag holds an enormous 70 litres of grass cuttings. The A 530 A V HW weighs 36 kilograms and is available for 669.99 Euro.

But the highlight of the series is the A 530 A V HW IS. The fittings correspond largely to the A 530 A V HW. However, the engine is a B&S engine from the 775 EX ISS series with 161 cubic centimetres and a 2.6 kW output with 2800 revolutions per minute. This is equipped with a battery start-up function. This very special model is available for 749.99 Euro.

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