WOLF-Garten Power Dual Cut Tree Pruners – Effortlessly from Branch to Branch

The committed hobby gardener can be happy. The two new 2-edged Power Dual Cut Tree Pruners from WOLF-Garten will make tree pruning easier. Up to a height of 5.5 metres, you can safely and steadily cut branches with diameters of up to 32 mm, without having to climb a ladder. The two adjustable cutting mechanisms are unique: the high-speed cut for thinner branches and boughs and the high-power cut for thicker branches of up to 32 mm.

The hobby gardener can stand, relaxed, under his cherry tree and cut at a good five metre height, without thinking about falling from a ladder. Because he is cutting with the two new tree pruners from WOLF-Garten.
The Power Dual Cut RR 200 and its big sister, the Power Dual Cut RR 400 T permit safe work from the ground. Meaning the end of the Number One accident risk – falling.

With the Power Dual Cut RR 200, the user can reach a working height of up to 3.5 metres. With the Power Dual Cut RR 400 T, it is even possible to cut at heights of 5.5 metres, as it extends between 2.4 and 4 metres.
Both models are equipped with dual-edged bypass technology. The precise, smooth cuts prevent the bark from being injured. The great thing: The head can be adjusted by up to 225° during cutting.

The user is free in terms of posture and position and can maintain a relaxed arm position. The cutting head is fixed quickly and easily with a lever.

The blades of the Power Dual Cut have a non-stick coating. As a result, very few of the cuttings are left hanging and the hobby gardener can quickly clean the blade.

Both loppers can manage branches of up to 32 millimetres in diameter. And the WOLF-Garten tree pruning helpers have another special feature: The special design of the cutting head and the red and yellow colour make them easily visible in the tree, which permits precise and secure work.

The Power Dual Cut RR 200 costs 89.99 Euro and the Power Dual Cut RR 400 T is available for 119.99 Euro.

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