The many faces of innovation

Progress for people and the environment

Year after year, WOLF-Garten combines experience and innovation to improve the existing products but also to develop new tools and devices that meet the needs of their customers. Progress implies the implementation of these innovations in an environmentally responsible way. A dedication which extends from the WOLF-Garten research facilities to the gardens and green areas surrounding your house and yard.

Innovation is more than that

From our point of view, high quality, thrilling designs, perfect functionality, state-of-the-art safety features and ergonomic shapes all add up to a genuine innovation:

  • Quality “Made in Germany”
    For WOLF-Garten, this is more than a mere identification of origin. It stands for accuracy, precision and reliability.

  • Functional design
    For us, solid functionality and fresh designs are inseparably entwined. However, each tool, despite its appearance, is only of use, if it can prove its worth in all relevant applications.

  • Ergonomics
    Our ergonomically shaped gardening tools can make the difference when it comes to joint- and back-friendly work, we’ve all been there. Experience the difference in terms of enjoyment and endurance.

  • Safety
    WOLF-Garten focuses on functional safety precautions to prevent injuries and harm to people and plants when working with tools or fertilisers in and around the yard. Therefor, all devices are thoroughly tested before being sold.

Plus-X-Award: Most Innovative Brand 2012

The Plus-X-Award honours manufacturers with a product expertise in innovation, high-quality, design, operating comfort, functionality, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. The categorie “Most Innovative Brand” is the highest honour among the Plus-X-Awards. It is awarded to the brand that has the most quality seals in a single product group. In 2012 WOLF-Garten went on to win this prestigious prize for the second year in a row.

Our excellent results at the Plus-X-Awards confirm that we are on the right track. With our current product range we remain true to our commitment of being more innovative than others!

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