WOLF-Garten combines quality and innovation and is the tried and tested partner for more enjoyment in the domestic garden.

Lying on your back in the grass, painting pictures with the clouds, squinting at the sun, making plans for the summer, following a plane and going on a fantasy journey. Spreading your arms wide, tenderly stroking the grass, feeling the warm earth, closing your eyes and listening to nature. Relish the aroma of freshly mown grass. Garden dreams start with your lawn! Imaging yourself running with a ball to your heart's content, playing and romping on the green carpet of a lucious playing field. A beautiful lawn is for life. WOLF-Garten will make sure that it fulfills it's promises, because WOLF-Garten makes lawn dreams become a reality.


Core elements of the WOLF-Garten philosophy


  • offers products of the highest quality
  • produces reliable products which are well worth the investment

With WOLF-Garten products

  • you can save time, money and effort
  • the garden work is carried out simply and successfully
  • you enjoy your garden

WOLF-Garten products

  • you have been able to trust for decades
  • offer the latest up-to-date technology "Made in Germany"
  • are inspiring with their attractive timeless design



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