WOLF-Garten –
Competence made in Europe

Headquarters Saarbrücken-Bübingen

WOLF-Garten, a quality brand of MTD Products Corp., maintains several European production sites. The products that leave these sites are sold worldwide. The company headquarters in Saarbrücken-Bübingen focus on sales, administration, purchasing, marketing, logistics, product and quality management and on the distribution of a unique spare parts management program for all of the companies affiliates.

Etzbach factory

The company began in Etzbach on the Sieg river. Today, the Etzbach factory
specialises in the development and sale of seeds, fertiliser and plant care

Sankt Wendel site

In Sankt Wendel gardening hand tools are made such as the multi-star® system tools, mini tools and manual shears from WOLF-Garten - Quality "Made in Germany".

Nemesvamos factory (Hungary)

The factory in Hungary was founded in the year 2000 and annually produces
approx. 500 000 lawnmowers as well as lawn tractors and motorised devices for garden and lawn care.

Hornbach spare parts warehouse

The Hornbach spare parts warehouse continuously provides more than 35 000
spare parts. These parts are kept and maintained in a storage area of up to
12 000 m².

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