Award - winning! Why we do so well in trials and tests

WOLF-Garten tools have a long tradition of success at product competitions. Top marks and other convincing results in consumer trials and practical tests underline this bold claim. The awards vary through all product ranges as proven by the impressive prizes.

Whenever our products are featured in tests or trials, we always have to prove that our tools are both practical and easy-to-use, but also offer maximum value for money. Here is just a short list of magazines and newspapers, which regularly give us the opportunity to present our innovations: “Stiftung Warentest”, “do-it-yourself”, “Selbst ist der Mann”, “Heimwerker-Praxis”, “Garten-Zeitung” and “Familienheim und Garten”.


Electric hedge shear HSE 55 V

» Click here to learn more about the product (HSE 55 V)


Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» Anvil lopper POWER CUT*** RS 900 T


Awarded as the best tool of the year 2012:
Finesse 30 R Grass shears

» Click here to learn more about the product Finesse 30 R


Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» Handheld manual shears RR 4000, RS 4000, RR 2500, RS 2500, RR 1500


Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» multi-star® 3-in-1 rake DR-M

Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» multi-star® roof snow clearer SR-M60

Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» New exchangeable battery tools

Awarded with the Plus-X-Award:

» Electric chainsaws series CSE 2035 and CSE 2240

What makes or practical solutions so useful?

In these tests, consumers and certified gardening experts test and compare corresponding products for quality, practicality, ease-of-use and other aspects. Their evaluation helps gather insight into the special needs and demands from a consumer's point of view. Among the other aspects tested are price/performance ratios, long-term tool performance and the effects of products such as fertilisers on the environment. We want to do well in these tests, so we place particular emphasis on sustainable product quality, comprehensive user-friendliness and the guarantee of high quality standards.


Why are we so willing to face these tests?

Because we extensively test our entire product lines in real-life conditions, before releasing them into serial production. Each production-step is also subject to certified quality management, so that we can ensure a constant product quality throughout the production process. Finally, our high warranty services, which tend to exceed most common warranties, are a result of our dedication and commitment to the quality of our products and the faith we have in them.

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