WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist retailers:
Expert gardening know-how, always present
with an excellent customer service


10 good reasons pro WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist dealers:


  1. High-quality specialist retailer range
    Specialist retailers are known to carry the most innovative and useful  products, raising the bar in terms of safety as well as modern technology. We have developed a specialist retailer range to match the uncompromising demands of both retailers and their customers.

  2. Qualified advice
    The consulting strength of the specialist retailers is essential. This is particularly relevant for products that require explanations such as seed and fertilisers, as well as top-notch high-end products needed for gardening and the maintenance. The staff at our WOLF-Garten EXPERT retailers are trained by our finest specialists, who willingly pass their knowledge and know-how on, for the benefit of our customers. Thus, these specialist consultants outdo the competition with regard to training, specialised knowledge and consulting experience.

  3. Direct presence on site
    Qualified, specialist retailers are still the best contact point for discerning customers. Here you can see and touch the actual products and there is always a competent person nearby, that knows the answer to your questions.

  4. Available demo-tools
    The versatile uses of multi-functional tools are best compared and understood when demonstrated in real life situations. Product-demonstrations do not only convince indecisive customers, they have an explanatory effect on how to best use a tool or machine, making the initial operation of a new acquisition even easier.

  5. Reliable delivery service
    Larger garden tools rarely fit into a passenger car. It is good to know that in such cases, you can always rely on the delivery service of your WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist dealer, who will gladly help you coordinate the delivery of your new WOLF-Garten EXPERT machine.

  6. On-site installation
    All our devices are provided with comprehensive, easy-to-understand operating instructions that explain step-by-step, how they are to be assembled and operated. However, self-assembly is not for everyone. You always have the option of having your tool assembled on site by your WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist retailer.

  7. Qualified maintenance work
    WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist retailers also provide maintenance services of high-quality tools. It is particularly important for a long service life, to ensure that the service intervals of our high-performance motors are adhered to.

  8. Speedy spare parts order and delivery
    Sustainable products require wearing parts to be exchanged, when necessary. The WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist dealers usually keep these original spares on stock. Should you be in need of an out-of-stock part, your specialist dealer can order them directly from the WOLF-Garten European headquarters in Saarbrücken. This ensures a quick and easy delivery.

  9. Competent repair service and advice
    In the rare event of a fault or malfunction, the specialist dealer nearest to you will gladly be of help. After consulting your specialist dealer he may instruct you on how to perform minor repairs yourself. He will also help you find an alternative solution, if needed.

  10. Exercised environmental and climate protection
    Purchases at a WOLF-Garten EXPERT specialist retailer show quality and environmental awareness, going against the common “disposability” mindset.
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