Collect large amounts of leaves with minimal time and effort

Autumn is a special time to admire nature: the change between sunny days and white mists with hoarfrosts represents the first signs of winter. Winter flowers that often show their most attractive side before fading. And of course, the almost daily changing colours of the leaves in all their shades of red and gold. The tasks to be started at this time of year in the garden are as varied as autumn itself. Dead foliage must be cleared from the garden at least after the first storms of autumn. A lawn covered with leaves could result in fungal attack. And wet leaves can turn grounds into slippery surfaces. The WOLF-Garten leaf blower helps you clean your lawn and driveways from leaves without any effort. No laborious raking up, no bending and no effort thanks to the ergonomic wheel support. And the new WOLF-Garten leaf blower does not only remove leaves, it can also be converted for use as a vac, shred leaves to a tenth of the volume and collect them in the large collector bag for easy disposal.

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